Switzerland and the World

Switzerland and the World – Facts and Figures

Switzerland pursues an active foreign policy. The aim of this policy is to strengthen relations with neighbouring states and the European Union (EU), and improve stability in Europe and the wider world. Swiss foreign policy also seeks to bolster and expand the country's strategic partnerships and multilateral engagements.

Foreign Policy

Switzerland maintains close ties with the European Union, especially its neighbours.


Neutrality is a cornerstone of Swiss foreign policy and prohibits Switzerland from participating in armed conflicts and joining military alliances.

Humanitarian Tradition

Switzerland provides assistance in the event of humanitarian crises and offers long-term development aid to countries in need. It also grants asylum to victims of persecution.

Switzerland’s Good Offices

Thanks to its diplomatic mediation and facilitation efforts, Switzerland has played a part in resolving many international conflicts. It also represents the interests of states whose diplomatic relations have broken down.

International Organisations

The city of Geneva hosts many international and non-governmental organisations, and is home to the European headquarters of the United Nations. Switzerland is also a member of a string of international organisations and has played an active role in the United Nations since its accession in 2002.