Nature – Facts and Figures

Switzerland has a very varied landscape and great habitat diversity. The country is characterised by the wealth of its natural ecosystems and their proximity to urban centres.

View over the valley near Adelboden
Adelboden in the Bernese Oberland © Adelboden Tourism

  • Around 30% of Switzerland's surface area is covered by woodland.
  • The length of watercourses in Switzerland comes to around 61,000km. The largest share (roughly 11,000km) is found in the canton of Graubünden.
  • With more than 48 summits higher than 4,000 metres, Switzerland has the most four-thousanders in Europe.
  • Switzerland has over 120 glaciers and 12 UNESCO World Heritage sites.
  • Switzerland has a dense network of hiking trails, totalling over 65,000 km in length, or one and half times the circumference of the earth.
  • Switzerland has a mean elevation of 1,307 metres. Around 23%of the country's surface area is at an altitude of over 2,000m.
  • Protected areas of national importance cover roughly 23% of Switzerland’s surface area.
  • In Switzerland land is lost to real estate and infrastructure at a rate of 1m2 per second.
  • Agricultural areas make up roughly 36% of Switzerland’s surface area.