Bangladesh Switzerland Economic Relations

Bilateral Trade

Trade volume between Switzerland and Bangladesh has more than doubled since 2010. Despite this, the exchange of goods between Switzerland and Bangladesh still remains limited. The trade volume in 2018 amounted to CHF 713.86 million (source: Swiss Custom Administration), with exports to Bangladesh accounting for CHF 133.63 million and imports from Bangladesh accounting for CHF 580.23 million. Main exported products from Switzerland are machineries for the textile sector, the rest being pharmaceuticals and chemical items. Textiles and ready-made garments are representing more than 90% of the imports from Bangladesh.

Nota bene: Bangladeshi statistics’ figures are slightly different. The major reason behind this difference is the fact that sometime articles for Switzerland (ready-made garments e. g.) are included in bigger orders exported to the neighbouring countries of Switzerland, and from there re-exported to the final Swiss retail shop. The fact that Bangladeshi Fiscal year runs from July to June could also explain differences in statistics.

There is a potential for increased trade between Switzerland and Bangladesh. The positive image of Switzerland in Bangladesh is no doubt an important factor for the promotion of Swiss products and companies in Bangladesh. Main fields of opportunities are textiles, ready made garments and pharmaceuticals, but also investments in the energy sector.

At present, around 100 Swiss companies are either present or represented (by agents) in Bangladesh.

Bilateral Investment

Swiss investments in Bangladesh are mainly concentrated in the following sectors: chemicals, pharmaceuticals, construction, technical services and food sectors in Bangladesh. Almost all top Swiss multinational companies are present in Bangladesh continuously expanding their portfolio. According to a recent Bangladesh Bank report, Swiss investments inflow to Bangladesh during fiscal year 2015-2016 period stood at USD 29.90 million marking a 17% growth over the previous year. Therefore, according to the Bangladeshi statistics, the FDI stock from Switzerland for the period 2010- 2015/16 stood at USD 78.23 million.

Contact to Swiss Embassy

Swiss exporters or importers who are interested in trading with Bangladesh, Swiss investors who consider establishing a presence in Bangladesh are welcome to contact the Swiss Embassy in Dhaka. The Embassy is also ready to answer any general queries about economy and trade in Bangladesh. Please contact us through:  

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