Since January 2019 foreigners in Belarus can register online

Local news, 27.02.2019

The Interior Ministry of Belarus has simplified the registration procedure for foreign citizens, allowing them to register their place of stay online, free of charge since January 2019. It means that foreigners will no longer have to personally show up at the registration agency, though they can if they prefer the old procedure.

Since 27 July 2018, foreigners can come to Belarus without visas for 30 days. But if someone planned to stay in the country for more than five days, they had to register in the Department of Citizenship and Migration, a hotel or at another address of their stay in Belarus.

Registration has existed in the country since Soviet times in order to insure security and track migration flow. Citizens of Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Kazakhstan can stay in Belarus for 30 days without registration while Russians can stay for 90 days. Travelers from other countries are obliged to register their place of stay within 5 days. If a foreigner books a hotel or a sanatorium, then he is automatically registered during the check-in but if he rents an apartment or stays at his friend’s place, then he has to register himself. Up till now the procedure was only available offline by making an application to the local department for citizenship and migration and paying a fee. Nowadays the situation has changed to the much easier way.