Switzerland to open a consulate general in Vaduz

Press release, 04.11.2016

At the beginning of December, Switzerland will open a consulate general in the capital of the Principality of Liechtenstein. The chairman of the Swiss Association in Liechtenstein, Sascha Roger Bolt, has been appointed as honorary consul general. His main task is to provide services for the community of about 3,600 Swiss nationals residing in Liechtenstein. This appointment also underscores the value Switzerland places on bilateral relations with the Principality of Liechtenstein.

Under the Swiss Abroad Act, which entered into force in November 2015, Swiss nationals residing in Liechtenstein are also required to register in the Register of the Swiss Abroad. In order to make it easier for them to do so, Switzerland has appointed an honorary consul general in Vaduz who reports to the regional consular centre in Vienna. This regional consular centre, which now also covers the Principality of Liechtenstein, is among other tasks responsible for registering Swiss nationals in the Register of the Swiss Abroad and updating the information it contains.

The new honorary consul general was selected through a public recruitment process. Sascha Roger Bolt, 41, is a Swiss national who has been living with his family for the last ten years in Liechtenstein and works in the financial services sector. Mr Bolt is also the chairman of the Swiss Association in Liechtenstein and will continue to serve in this capacity for the time being.

The new honorary consul general will mainly be tasked with providing services for the Swiss community in Liechtenstein, including helping Swiss nationals to register in the Register of the Swiss Abroad and to complete other consular procedures. In addition, when instructed to do so by the Swiss ambassador to the  Principality of Liechtenstein, who is based in Bern, the honorary consul general will periodically carry out supporting tasks relating to diplomatic relations with the authorities in Liechtenstein and, in consultation with the regional consular centre in Vienna, will also provide assistance to Swiss nationals who find themselves in an emergency situation during a temporary stay in Liechtenstein.

The new consulate general, located at Lettstrasse 8 in Vaduz, will open for business on Thursday 1 December 2016.  On Saturday 26 November 2016, the Consular Directorate of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, the Swiss embassy to the Principality of Liechtenstein and the Swiss embassy in Austria will host an event in Vaduz together with the honorary consul general during which Swiss nationals living in Liechtenstein will be able to apply directly to register in the Register of the Swiss Abroad.

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