US entry ban: following talks with the FDFA, US authorities ease restrictions on Swiss dual citizens

Press release, 31.01.2017

Effective immediately, Swiss nationals who are also citizens of Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Somalia or Yemen can enter the United States again if they have a valid visa in their Swiss passport. The US authorities have informed the Swiss authorities of this decision following several discussions between the FDFA and the US embassy in Bern.

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FDFA/Presence Switzerland

The United States has further clarified the entry requirements for citizens from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Somalia or Yemen who have been barred from entering the United States for an initial period of 90 days in accordance with the executive order issued by President Donald Trump on 27 January 2017. According to the US embassy in Bern, Swiss citizens who are also citizens of one of these countries may, effective immediately, travel to the United States again provided they have a valid US visa in their passport. New visa applications may be submitted at any time at the US embassy.

Immediately after the executive order took effect, the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) took steps to safeguard the interests of Swiss dual nationals and other groups of persons with a link to Switzerland who might be affected by the announced measures. On 30 and 31 January the FDFA spoke with the United States consul in Bern to obtain reliable information on the entry ban and to discuss how the FDFA might be able to assist affected persons. It was agreed that the FDFA would refer enquiries from persons whose professional or family interests are adversely affected to the US embassy. A regular exchange of information about the developing situation was also agreed with the US embassy.

Binding information on the scope and duration of this measure can only be provided by US embassies or consulates.

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