Sudan: Kidnapped Swiss national has been freed

Press release, 15.11.2017

The Swiss woman who was kidnapped on 7 October 2017 in the city of El-Fasher in North Darfur, Sudan, was released on 14 November 2017. She is in good health under the circumstances.

The FDFA is relieved about this positive development and thanks the Sudanese authorities for the great assistance they provided. It wishes the Swiss woman concerned and her family courage in making a rapid return to normal life and coming to terms with the traumatic experience of the past few weeks.

An interdepartmental task force headed by the FDFA's Crisis Management Centre was set up immediately after the kidnapping became known in October. It included representatives of the FDFA, fedpol, the Federal Intelligence Service, and the Zurich Cantonal Police.

The FDFA strongly recommends that Swiss citizens consult its travel advice notices before travelling abroad. These notices currently cover 176 countries and are updated on an ongoing basis. Their purpose is to inform Swiss citizens about the security situation and potential risks. Travel advice notices are published in German, French and Italian on the FDFA website.

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