Mozambique truce extended indefinitely

Press release, 09.05.2017

President Filipe Jacinto Nyusi of the Republic of Mozambique and opposition leader Afonso Dhlakama have agreed to extend indefinitely the ceasefire which was originally declared on 27 December 2016 for seven days and subsequently renewed twice for two months. Switzerland applauds both parties and will continue to support their efforts to achieve a lasting peaceful resolution to the conflict.

This is the first time since the resumption of armed conflict in 2013 that Mozambique's president and the leader of the Renamo opposition party have agreed on an indefinite ceasefire, which represents an important step towards the signing of a peace accord.

Switzerland wishes to congratulate the parties involved and the entire country for this truce, which sends a clear message of trust and paves the way for dialogue and peace, greater social cohesion and economic recovery.

With the greatest respect for the parties and the people of Mozambique, Switzerland will continue to chair the contact group in a spirit of responsibility and participate actively in achieving a lasting peaceful resolution to the conflict.

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