Swiss commitment and success at the Human Rights Council

Press release, 06.07.2018

The 38th session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva ends today following three weeks of work. Switzerland presented two resolutions, the first concerning human rights in the context of peaceful demonstrations, the second highlighting the contribution of the Human Rights Council to preventing human rights violations. The Council adopted both resolutions.

The Human Rights Council is a fundamental body for promoting and protecting all human rights in the world. This session has given Switzerland the opportunity to pursue its commitment with, among other things, the presentation of two resolutions.

The first resolution, introduced by Switzerland and Costa Rica, concerns the promotion and protection of human rights in the context of peaceful demonstrations, in particular the role of information and communications technology. It also addresses the question of the use of weapons by law enforcement authorities within the context of demonstrations.

The second resolution, presented in cooperation with Colombia, Norway and Sierra Leone, highlights the role of the Human Rights Council in the prevention of human rights violations. The resolution provides in particular for the holding of two seminars with the aim of enabling states and other actors concerned to examine ways in which the Council can effectively contribute to preventing violations in the future.

Switzerland is also active within the framework of the debates and resolutions concerning the rights of women and girls, which is traditionally a central theme of the Council’s June session. It has, for example, supported two resolutions that aim to eliminate discrimination and violence against women and girls.

Lastly, Switzerland has voiced its view in favour of respect for, and the promotion and implementation of human rights and international humanitarian law within the context of the debates and decisions on specific human rights situations, in particular in Belarus, Eritrea, Myanmar, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Syria.

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