Enlargement Contribution for Bulgaria and Romania accepted by Parliament

Article, 07.12.2009

As the second Chamber of the Swiss Parliament to do so, the Council of States followed the National Council on 7 December 2009 in approving the Federal Decree on the enlargement contribution for Bulgaria and Romania This parliamentary decision enables Switzerland to finance projects and programmes designed to reduce the economic and social disparities in Bulgaria and Romania.

Market place in Romania
Switzerland’s contribution for Bulgaria and Romania totals CHF 257 million. © SECO

During the five-year commitment period, an amount of CHF 76 million for Bulgaria and a total of CHF 181 million for Romania, have been earmarked, respectively. Just as in the other ten partner countries of the enlargement contribution, projects and programmes will be supported in the four following thematic domains: security and stability, and support for reforms; environment and infrastructure; promotion of the private sector; and human and social development. As is the case with all of the enlargement contribution partner countries to date, for Bulgaria and Romania, as well, the appropriate and correct use of the funds will also be vested with high priority.

Switzerland can now begin the negotiations on the bilateral framework agreements with Bulgaria and Romania, respectively. The object of these negotiations is to define the manner in which the cooperation will unfold and the domains in which projects will be realized.