Dürrenmatt & Technology - A Panel Discussion

Sunday, 08.08.2021 – Sunday, 31.10.2021

Dürrenmatt am Schreibtisch / Dürrenmatt at his desk, 1961. Image: © Monique Jacot/SLA


The Swiss Embassies in Ottawa and Washington D.C. as well as the Consulates General of Switzerland in Atlanta, Chicago, Montreal, San Francisco, and Vancouver are celebrating throughout the year the 100th Anniversary of the novelist, playwright, and essayist Friedrich Dürrenmatt.


Join us for a virtual panel discussion on Dürrenmatt & Technology where our invitees will focus on Dürrenmatt's life, his published books in the US, and his thoughts on technology and science as well as how these affected his writing and his stories.

The panelists are:

Peter Blackstock - VP, Deputy Publisher Grove Atlantic Publishing House
Anna von Planta - Editor of Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Diogenes Publishing House
Prof. Dale Adams - Lecturer in German language, literature and culture at the University of Western Australia

The discussion is hosted by Jale Yoldas, Cultural and Public Diplomacy Officer at the Swiss Consulate General in San Francisco.

The panel discussion will go live on Wednesday, April 7th, 2021, at 11am PT. You can watch it anytime after that. 


Friederich Dürrenmatt, one of Switzerland’s most significant 20th century intellectuals, who was born in a small town close to Bern, didn't leave traces only in Switzerland. Throughout Dürrenmatt’s life, his works were translated in over 40 languages, which makes him the most translated Swiss writer to date. He wrote plays that were enacted in all parts of the world including New York’s Broadway. Even Hollywood took inspiration from his novels creating the 2001 movie The Pledge, directed by Sean Penn starring Jack Nicholson.