Public holidays


The Embassy of Switzerland in Beijing and the Consulate General in Chengdu, Guangzhou and Shanghai will be closed on the following holidays

01.01.2021 Friday New Year’s Day
11.02.2021 Thursday Chinese New Year (Spring Festival)
12.02.2021 Friday Chinese New Year (Spring Festival)
15.02.2021 Monday Chinese New Year (Spring Festival)
02.04.2021 Friday Good Friday
05.04.2021 Monday Easter Monday
13.05.2021 Thursday Ascension Day
01.10.2021 Friday Chinese National Festival
04.10.2021 Monday Chinese National Festival
05.10.2021 Tuesday Chinese National Festival
24.12.2021* Friday Christmas’Eve*
31.12.2021* Friday New Years‘ Eve*



The Consulate General in Hong Kong will be closed on the following holidays

01.01.2021  Friday  New Year 
12.02.2021  Friday (Lunar) Chinese New Year's Day (Spring Festival)
15.02.2021  Monday  The 4th Day of Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) 
02.04.2021 Friday Good Friday 
05.04.2021  Monday Easter Monday / The day following Ching Ming
13.05.2021  Thursday Ascension Day
24.05.2021 Monday White Monday
14.06.2021 Monday Tuen Ng Festival 
01.10.2021 Friday  National Day
14.10.2021 Thursday  Chung Yeung Festival
24.12.2021  Friday  Christmas Eve
31.12.2021 Friday New Year's Eve