Diplomatic or consular representations under one roof: Federal Council approves property-sharing with partner countries

Bern, Press releases, 13.05.2015

The Federal Council has approved the sharing of premises with the Netherlands by the Swiss diplomatic representation in Oman and has authorised the FDFA to conclude further property-sharing agreements with Denmark in Nigeria (Abuja, Lagos) and with the Netherlands in Angola (Luanda) and in Cyprus (Nicosia).

Property-sharing refers to sharing the same building with one or more countries to house diplomatic and/or consular representations.  The safeguarding of Switzerland's political and economic interests remains autonomous and independent regardless of the shared use of  premises.

Property-sharing enables the FDFA both to maintain its diverse and worldwide network of foreign representations at the current level and to continue to manage it in the targeted and interest-oriented manner it has until now with the existing financial and human resources.  It thus facilitates the more efficient use of available resources.

In Oman, Switzerland has opened a representation on this basis together with the Netherlands. In Luanda and Nicosia, the Swiss representation will move into the centrally located premises of the Dutch representation. In Nigeria, Switzerland is currently represented by an embassy in the capital Abuja. The Swiss business community has long advocated the opening of a Swiss representation in the booming business metropolis of Lagos. In view of Nigeria's economic importance and the location of Lagos, the FDFA has decided to open a consulate general in Lagos. The new Swiss consulate general in Lagos will be housed in the premises of the consulate general of Denmark, and the Danish embassy will be housed in the premises of the Swiss embassy in Abuja.

The FDFA is constantly looking into property-sharing opportunities for its network abroad with interested partner countries.

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