Fresh project factsheets published on Switzerland’s development cooperation with Ghana

Local news, 04.06.2019

Fresh factsheets on Switzerland’s flagship development cooperation projects were published on our website

Switzerland aims to contribute to sustainable growth in Ghana
Switzerland aims to contribute to sustainable growth in Ghana © FDFA

The factsheets provide information on some of the most visible flagship projects of Switzerland’s economic development cooperation with Ghana. The factsheets highlight Switzerland’s engagement for improving the country’s ability to raise its own revenues and strengthening public service delivery at the local level. The factsheets shed light on Switzerland’s contribution to help expand access to electricity and deliver better urban transport services. They also highlight the role of Switzerland in strengthening the competitiveness of Ghana’s private sector, promoting the sustainability of the cocoa sector through innovative public-private partnerships and improving trade standards. Have a peek by clicking on the following link

Ghana is one of thirteen priority countries of Switzerland's economic development cooperation implemented by the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO). The overall objective is to contribute to inclusive and sustainable economic development by strengthening institutions and public services and improving the competitiveness of Ghana’s economy. The annual budget totals around 20 million Swiss Francs. Economic development cooperation is an important pillar of Switzerland's long and deep relationship with Ghana and complements the growing political, trade and investment flows between the two countries. Ghana represents Switzerland's second largest trading partner in Africa.