A Step forward: Open Accommodation Centre for Vulnerable Women Asylum Seekers and their Children

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Since April the project “A Step Forward: Open Accommodation Centre for Vulnerable Women Asylum Seekers and their Children” is supported within the framework of the Swiss-Greek Cooperation Programme, aiming to bolster the capacity of the national reception mechanism for third-country nationals, by offering a secure intermediary housing environment to vulnerable cases, primarily women asylum seekers and newly arrived migrants (in the pre-registration process) with their children. Simultaneously, the project addresses pending administrative and social orientation issues while preparing beneficiaries for effective integration into society through actions such as career guidance and social counseling sessions. Special attention is devoted to the integration of children into society, including their enrollment in public schools in Athens and participation in socialization activities. The expected project outcomes include enhanced independent living, improved housing and psychosocial support, an upgraded direct protection mechanism, and the promotion of social integration.

Project description

Country / Region





Provision of a safe and protected intermediary housing environment specifically for vulnerable groups, including women asylum seekers and newly arrived migrants in the preregistration process, along with their children.

01.04.2024 – 30.03.2025

CHF 499'267


In central Athens, a significant number of refugee women, often living in unstable conditions without secure housing, seek psychosocial assistance weekly. These women are particularly vulnerable due to factors such as gender, health issues, single parenthood, and refugee status, which heighten their risk of exploitation, abuse, and marginalization. Addressing the comprehensive needs of the beneficiaries - including housing, healthcare, education, and social integration - is crucial for improving their well-being and ensuring a secure future for their children. Immediate action is necessary to provide these vulnerable groups with essential support and to enable them to live dignified lives free from violence and exploitation.


The Support Measure focuses on integrating vulnerable single women, mothers, and their children into the local community, targeting both psychosocial and medical needs to prevent their temporary homelessness from becoming long-term. 

Target groups

The primary beneficiaries are asylum seekers, newly arrived women facing gender-based violence, and specific cases of grantees of international protection who meet certain vulnerability criteria.

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The intervention strategy is built on four key pillars: providing housing to ensure safety and stability, empowering beneficiaries through psychosocial support, facilitating access to MdM-Greece's services, and employing a case management approach with personalized support plans. Activities include offering accommodation, basic necessities, legal assistance, personal empowerment programs, and health support.

Federal office responsible

Federal Department of Justice and Police / State Secretariat for Migration