Budapest Architecture Film Days

Thursday, 04.03.2021 – Saturday, 13.03.2021

The Center for Contemporary Architecture is organizing the Budapest Architecture Film Days for the 13th time this year. The main themes are restarting and reconnecting. We can see the consequences of decisions and questions in films that define our daily lives. The reunion of the individual and the community, solidarity, empathy for others, a more conscious, sensitive relationship with nature, a journey without pollution, and a vision of sustainable development.
The festival showcases more than a dozen, award-winning and newly debuted films. The works, representing a wide variety of themes and genres, have been selected from nearly 20 countries, so we can look forward to a really diverse range of performances this year as well. You can watch the films in Távmozi.

The Swiss documentary Golden Age opens the doors to the Palace, a retirement home of the kind that you have never seen before, in Miami. Gildings, ostentatious chandeliers, marble floors; like a cross between a luxury hotel and an Americanised copy of Versailles, the place is presented by its developers as the most beautiful retirement home in the United States. The residents here are pampered by an army of employees devoted to their every whim, in a permanent party atmosphere. This abundance of luxury, extravagance, and entertainment is nonetheless not enough to remove the anxieties of those who live there. Nor can it hide the intentions of the investors for whom old age is above all a source of income and a growing market. The film takes us on a journey into this baroque universe that tries to suppress the fear of death through dollars, questioning, in a dizzying visual whirlwind, our relationship to old age in its most universal aspect.

Screening 7 March 7 pm

Location: Hungary