Marriage in Switzerland

In order to marry in Switzerland, the fiancées must submit an "Application for Preparation of Marriage" and a "Declaration on the Requirements for Marriage" to the Embassy in Tokyo. If the fiancé resides in Switzerland, he/she can submit the application directly to the municipality of residence. The following documents must be submitted to the representative office:


  • Passport
  • Certificate of residence (Juminhyou)
  • Japanese family register extract (Koseki Touhon [Zenbu Jikou Shoumei])
  • Marriage certificate (Youken Gubi Shoumeisho)
  • If divorced, additionally: divorce decree (Rikon Todoke no Juri Shoumeisho) or family register excerpt, from which the legally effective divorce date can be seen.
  • If widowed, additionally: death certificate of the former spouse (Shibou Todoke no Juri Shoumeisho) or family register extract in which the death of the spouse is recorded.

Swiss citizen

  • If resident in Japan: passport, if not: passport copy
  • If resident in Japan: Certificate of residence (Juminhyou). If this confirmation is missing, the representation can issue a nationality and matriculation confirmation instead of this document (CHF 40.- in JPY), which is subject to a fee.
  • Civil Status Certificate (GE: Personenstandsausweis /FR: Certificat individuel d´état civil). If this document is missing, the civil status office of your home municipality will issue this confirmation for a fee.

The documents need to be issued within the last 6 months and must be submitted in advance scanned by e-mail to for verification. Subsequently, an appointment will be made for the counter visit. After that, the representative office will send the application to the civil registry office of the municipality of residence in Switzerland.

Attention: All Japanese documents must be apostilled (The Hague Convention of October 5, 1961). The apostille is issued free of charge by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Certification at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in Japan) (Authentication (of official seals) / Apostille).


The fee of CHF 230.00 converted at the fee rate in yen must be paid.

Time required

About 3-4 weeks until the documents arrive at the municipality.