UNICEF Emergency Response for Displaced Syrian Children

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The ongoing violence in Syria has triggered a continuous increase in the number of displaced Syrians seeking refuge in Jordan. According to the UNHCR, around 29,0001 Syrians have been registered in Jordan. Out of them 50% are children. UNICEF, as the leading agency mandated to ensure the protection and assistance of children, appealed in June for urgent funds for their emergency operation for Syrian refugee children. The total amount required for the operation is US$ 14.800 million, of which US$ 9 million (CHF 8.6 million) are designated to meet the emerging humanitarian needs of displaced Syrians children and young people in Jordan.

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15.07.2012 - 30.04.2013
CHF 500'000

Displaced Syrian children who fled to Jordan have witnessed different forms of violence that generated traumatic mental / psychological problems. Anxiety and aggression are just examples of the symptoms that these children show. Moreover, most of the Syrians in Jordan are residing in impoverished areas where access to clean and safe water has been identified as one of their main humanitarian needs.


Contribute to the existing efforts aimed towards alleviating the suffering of the displaced Syrian children and their families in Jordan.

Gruppi target

  • 10'000 displaced Syrian children and their families in Jordan (protection)
  • 3'000 displaced Syrian children receiving specific child protection services (protection)
  • 50'000 displaced Syrians and their Jordanian host communities (WASH)
  • Displaced Syrian but also Jordanian students of 200 schools in 5 governorates
  • Government of Jordan
  • Effetti a medio termine

  • Outcome 1: Affected community members are better aware of child protection issues
  • Outcome 2: 2'600 vulnerable women and children, including separated and unaccompanied minors, benefit from case management and referral services
  • Outcome 3: Access to clean water, sanitary and hygiene conditions is improved for displaced Syrians and host communities in targeted areas.
  • Risultati

    Risultati fasi precedenti:  

    Through the small grant program, SDC contributed to the set up of UNICEF's first child friendly space in Ramtha transit facility; around 425 children, adolescents, as well as their families were provided with psychosocial support and informal education. The project was successfully implemented and achieved its results in providing psychosocial support to the beneficiaries.

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