UNICEF: Protection of Syrian children and host communities (PRO); Jordan

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The deteriorating situation in Syria is resulting in more refugees fleeing their country into Jordan. The number of registered Syrian refugees or pending registration exceeded 500,000 refugees, more than half of them are children. Many of these children are not going to schools for various reasons and some are getting into child labour. UNICEF through this intervention aims to ensure that Syrian children, their families and host communities are provided access to appropriate psychosocial and other protection services. This project is part of the 20m funding.

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Conflitto & fragilitá
Assistenza umanitaria & RRC
Primary education
Sostegno psicosociale (till 2016)
Assistenza materiale
01.08.2013 - 31.12.2014
CHF 500'000

The conflict in Syria has driven Syrians to seek protection in neighbouring countries. UN estimates that Jordan may host up to 1 million Syrians by end of 2013 of which 700,000 are expected to reside in host communities. There is an acute need for education support for displaced Syrian children. Further concerns include family violence, child labour, early marriages for which protection services are needed.


Vulnerable Syrian children and host community in different parts of Jordan are assisted through protection and psychosocial services and access to education.

Gruppi target


  • Direct: 40,500 children including those who are out of school and are engaged in labour and 125 frontline workers.
  • Indirect: 6000 family members of the children and 200 members of CBCPCs and 125 frontline workers.

    Effetti a medio termine


  • Syrian children, their families and host communities provided access to appropriate psychosocial and other protection services.
  • National, community based organizations and schools offer quality active civic engagement programmes for adolescents to learn, develop and participate.


    Risultati fasi precedenti:  

    UNICEF, ICCS and SCJ implemented pilot project to pull 30 children out of school and put them back into formal education throuch a conditional cash transfer component between January-June 2013 in Mafraq.

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