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Swiss Statement for Donor Coordination on Economic Recovery


Switzerland has a long standing partnership with Kosovo and a large Cooperation Program; spends on average 16 Million CHF each year; is ready to continue supporting Kosovo in all our areas of support, especially in these times of crisis.

Remarks of Ambassador Jean-Hubert Lebet at the launching of EJA (Engagement for Joint Action) Kosovo and Democracy Award

Schweizerische Botschaft in Pristina


The development of a democratic culture is a long-term and complex process. Strengthening the role of civil society and citizens for an active engagement in consistent and participatory shaping of public affairs is a central element for the democratization process in any country.

Switzerland supports Kosovo in many reform areas like: Local Governance, Water, Employment, Health and Migration. In order to achieve success in any of these areas, it is indispensable to uphold a systematic dialogue between the citizens and government actors. 

Remarks by the Ambassador Jean-Hubert Lebet on the importance of implementing the law on the use of languages


In Kosovo, just like in Switzerland, a language is a symbol of personal and cultural identity. Language means much more than economic opportunities. Knowing each other languages is the fundament of communicating together, engaging with each other and living together peacefully.

The international community’s role is to remind Kosovo and its people of these bridge-building side of languages and to support its institutions in anchoring values of multilingualism in the society. 

Remarks of Ambassador Jean-Hubert Lebet at the Inauguration of a water project in the Skenderaj Municipality

Schweizerische Botschaft in Pristina


Switzerland is very proud to have brought water to 90% of households throughout  Kosovo starting with an access of only 47% in 1999.

This project has been completed by co-funding between the Swiss Government and the Government of Kosovo, which is an important aspect of our work in this sector. 

"It is not normal that Switzerland financed this project. There is enough money in Kosovo. The amount of this project costs 2.5% of the veteran’s budget for 2019 of which a substantial part is spent for fake veterans."

Opening remarks by Ambassador Jean-Hubert Lebet on the KDI (Kosovo Democratic Institute) event on the perspective of the State Delegation


Switzerland concentrates its human security activities in the following sectors, convinced that they will have a long-term positive impact on the normalisation:

  • Supporting the dialogue
  • Dealing with the past including missing persons
  • Integration of minorities into Kosovo society
  • Respect of cultural diversity including languages
  • And of course Justice for victims.

Remarks of Ambassador Jean-Hubert Lebet at the Opening of the Documentation Center by Humanitarian Law Center


Switzerland supports this documentation centre whose establishment is made possible by the hard work of Humanitarian Law Center in cooperation with Municipality of Pristina. The content that is showed in this Documentation Center is built on facts that were established by the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, and it will be presented as such. Dealing with the past includes the right to know.  

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