16th European Union Film Festival

Thursday, 29.10.2015 – Wednesday, 16.12.2015


Someone like me
Clip from Eine Wen iig, Dr Dällebach Kari Catpics AG

The Embassy of Switzerland will be participating in the 16th European Union Film Festival (EUFF), which is an annual event with the Golden Screen Cinema (GSC) which showcases a collection of films from all over Europe. The EUFF will be held in Kuala Lumpur from 29th October - 8th November, in Penang from 12th - 28th November, in Kuching from 26th November - 2nd December and in Kota Kinabalu from 10th - 16th December 2015 respectively.

This year, Switzerland will be showcasing a fiction titled 'Eine Wen iig, Dr Dällebach Kari' (Someone like me) directed by Xavier Koller. The screenings will be on:

30 Oct (Fri) @7.00 pm at GSC Pavillion Kuala Lumpur

01 Nov (Sat) @4.10 pm at GSC Mid Valley

07 Nov (Sun) @8.40 pm at GSC 1 Utama

13 Nov (Fri) @7.10 pm at GSC Gurney Plaza Penang

29 Nov (Sun) @5.20 pm at GSC City One Megamall Kuching

12 Dec (Sat) @4.30 pm at GSC Suria Kota Kinabalu


Kari Dällebach was born with a cleft palate. His mother takes care of him like a bird that has fallen out of the nest. As a young man Kari decides to become a barber and despite his handicap he wins the heart of Annemarie with his humor, charm and sensitivity. His happiness seems almost complete - but Annemarie's middle class parents have already made other plans for their daughter...

'Eine Wen iig, Dr Dällebach Kari' won the 2012 Swiss Film Prize 'Quartz' in both categories: Best Actress and Special Award of the Academy.

For more information about EUFF 2015 and its schedule, please visit the following webpages: www.facebook.com/myeuff or www.euff.com.my


Location: Golden Screen Cinema