Waste Monitoring Middle Danube Inspectorate

Project completed
Two workers with measuring instruments in Hungary
Illegal waste disposal sites are commonplace in the Middle Danube Region. In many cases there is not enough proof for action to be taken against suspected polluters. For this reason, the laboratories of the inspection offices have been better equipped. © SECO

The Middle Danube Valley Inspectorate for Environmental Protection, Nature Conservation and Water Management aims at improving quantitatively and qualitatively emissions control in order to protect the health of the population and the environment. Switzerland contributes CHF 5.078 mio. to this project that will diminish the risk of contamination of air, soil and water (namely ground water resources).  

Country/region Topic Period Budget
Protecting the environment
Environmental monitoring
20.01.2011 - 30.06.2016
CHF  5’078’250

Note: the texts under all the headings, with the exception of 'Results achieved', describe the situation before the start of the project.


Illegal waste disposals are very frequent in this region. Without immediate proof, fining is difficult. For this purpose, the bulk of the mobile equipment to be purchased under this project is foreseen to strengthen the Inspectorate in its law enforcement function. The old equipment needs to be replaced to comply with current standards. Increased and strengthened environmental monitoring capacity provides the basis for the reduction of environment contamination, the improvement of living standards and the promotion of sustainable economic development.

Hungarian registration number: SH 3/10

  • To provide the necessary information on polluted (e.g. landfills) and contaminated sites to decision makers preventing or taking action against illegal behaviour
  • To improve the living standards and the promotion of sustainable economic development.
Target groups

The Middle-Danube Valley Inspectorate of Environment Protection, Nature Conservation and Water Management as well as the population of 3.5 million people.


Up-grade of the existing laboratory equipment and completion of this equipment with mobile measurement and analyses devices. Training of the equipment users.


Achieved results:  

  • The project has been fully implemented in accordance with the expected results. Consequently,
  • Improved emissions control enabling the Government Office of Pest County to fully implement and enforce the Hugarian Waste Management Act, in particular with regard to illegally polluted and contaminated sites.
  • Laboratory equipment has been modernised and complemented, namely through mobile measurement and analysis devices. The Government Office can now also comply with EU regulations.
  • 115 new air monitoring and  laboratory equipment have been delivered and installed.
  • Two air quality measurement vehicles have been procured.
  • Improved capacity of staff operating and monitoring the system following provision of training.

Expected results:  



Directorate/federal office responsible SECO
Credit area Swiss Contribution to the enlarged EU
Project partners Contract partner
  • Hungarian National Development Agency

Implementing partner
VÁTI Ltd and Middle-Danube-Valley Inspectorate for Environmental Protection, Nature Conservation and Water Management

Budget Current phase Swiss budget CHF    5’078’250 Swiss disbursement to date CHF    4’443’995
Project phases

Phase 2 20.01.2011 - 30.06.2016   (Completed)

Phase 1 01.03.2011 - 31.08.2016   (Completed)