Bergen International Festival 2015

Tuesday, 02.06.2015 – Wednesday, 03.06.2015

Cultural event; Concert; Theater

Music Theater

King Size

In a hotel room a couple is trying to sleep, only to find that their dreams and their bed are both too big.

King Size is a ‘Liederabend’ about love, dreams and impossible communication. This is director Christoph Marthaler at his best, with absurd comedy, bittersweet love and music from Schumann and Dowland, Wagner and Berg to The Kinks and The Jackson Five.

In composition, «enharmonic» is a special way of redefining a tone as another. The technique has been very popular with composers of the last two centuries. Not without reason – could there be any idea of change which is closer to life than this one? Isn’t every human relationship an enharmonic relationship of sorts? Every marriage, every secret love, every kiss?

Christoph Marthaler and his ensemble perform keyhole surgery on the brain while it’s in the middle of enharmonic decisions: in its sleep.

Our place of nightly rest is in perfect order, beautifully designed in soft colours with the desirable kingsize bed in the middle! Here, where supreme intimacy (in loving union) is conjoined with total absence (while sleeping), we can witness moments of human transformations in their most intense and most cruel forms.

Christoph Marthaler has been one of the most prominent figures in European music theatre over the last 30 years. His surreal and melancholic performances often reveal people trying, but usually failing, to communicate. 

Cast member Tora Augestad is from Bergen, and will also be performing in the world premiere of the opera Adam & Eve. 

Director: Christoph Marthaler

Music: Bendix Dethleffsen

Stage Design: Duri Bischoff

Lights: Heid Voegelin

Costme Design: Sarah Schittek

Dramaturg: Malte Ubenauf

Artistic Liasion: Regina Ketterer

Cast: Tora Augestad, Bendix Dethleffsen, Michael von der Heide, Nikola Weisse 

Supported by Pro Helvetia 

King Size at Bergen International Festival

Tuesday 2 June 2015, 19:30-20:45

Wednesday 3 June 2015, 19:30-20:45


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Location: Den Nationale Scene, Stor Scene, Engen 1, Bergen