Switzerland steps up humanitarian aid to Gaza

Bern, Press releases, 31.07.2014

Faced with the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Gaza, Switzerland is increasing its humanitarian funding to CHF 1.7 million. This sum has been earmarked for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the UN.

In response to the current crisis, Switzerland decided to step up its humanitarian aid by allocating one million Swiss francs to the ICRC in Gaza. This additional funding will allow the ICRC and its partners to evacuate and treat injured civilians, repair health facilities and provide emergency medical supplies to Gaza. Switzerland has also allocated CHF 700,000 to the UN Central Emergency Response Fund which will finance humanitarian projects that meet the needs of the communities most affected by the conflict.

As part of its cooperation programme, Switzerland funds several international and local organisations that are working not only to alleviate the humanitarian crisis linked to the current conflict but also the structural development problems affecting the Gaza Strip. Switzerland also funds a programme in the field of human rights and international humanitarian law, and supports numerous organisations active in promoting the protection of civilians and respect for international law. Swiss funding for development and humanitarian aid in the whole of the occupied Palestinian territory totals CHF 28 million per year. Switzerland is also financing a peace promotion programme in the amount of two million Swiss francs.

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