Together We Can, and Together We Will

Article, 06.07.2015

Community group meeting

“Thanks to the SDC for bringing change into our lives by addressing our needs and raising capacities of the local residents”, a thought expressed by Mr. Arshad Khan, a resident from the sleepy and remote village of Jay Kalay located in Mohmand Agency of Federally Administered Tribal Area (FATA) in northwestern Pakistan. The area is known for its poor socio-economic and adverse human rights conditions.

Considering the development needs of the economically, socially and politically deprived and neglected areas of FATA, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) joined hands with the implementing partner, South Asia Partnership-Pakistan (SAP-PK), and initiated a Programme, “Citizen Actions for Peace and Development (CAPD)”. With the interventions of CAPD, the SDC has contributed in raising awareness and trust between the local population and the local political and administrative authorities in FATA.

Change in the life of Mr. Arshad Khan is one of the examples, which reflects the success of SDC in improving awareness of the local population about their rights and responsibilities, and resolving disputes amongst the community members.

“SDC has raised awareness about peace building processes for dispute resolution and interaction with government line departments for better service delivery”, Mr. Arshad Khan said. As the President of the Village Executive Committee, he has received various capacity building trainings in the areas of service delivery, conflict management and organizational development under the CAPD Programme,

He, along with other fellow community members, successfully developed proposals related to orange and strawberry orchards, provision of safe drinking water supply, repair of the x-ray machine and provision of ambulance service at nights at the local Basic Health Unit. He played an important role in getting these proposals approved by the relevant political authorities. “The CAPD project has enabled me and my fellow committee members to serve my village by having better access to basic services,” he said.

Besides these, he also played an active role in encouraging women’s participation through peace building trainings, and other meetings. Being trained in understanding the importance of service delivery, he raised his voice against shortage of teachers in the local college, and assisted in resolving disputes, such as those related to land and honour, through self-initiated peace committee.

By reaching at such agreements and making progress with their own development, the village has also become a bit more peaceful. Seeing the positive changes in the lives of the communities, the SDC plans to extend the CAPD Programme.

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