Enlarging Humanitarian and Development Space in Pakistan

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Shrinking development and humanitarian space is a major challenge in Pakistan. This arises from bureaucratic impediments and security constraints. SDC contribution to the Pakistan Humanitarian Forum (PHF), the main organising forum for INGOs in country, will strengthen it to advocate, coordinate and provide safety services to INGOs. Increase operational space will directly help some 20 million people requiring development assistance and currently targeted by the PHF members.

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01.10.2014 - 30.09.2018
CHF 1'000'000

Access to beneficiaries by development and humanitarian actors in Pakistan is a major challenge. With some 20 million people in need of short and long term assistance, all relevant actors have limited ability to operate freely. Currently there are over 55 international organisations operating in Pakistan providing development assistance and humanitarian aid in the country. These organisations are coordinated by Pakistan Humanitarian Forum (PHF) who also advocate on their behalf. PHF started as a humanitarian forum some twelve years ago and now covers both development and humanitarian INGOs in the country. It members has a total funding portfolio of PKR 34 billion across the country assisting some 20 million people which makes work of PHF even more important and relevant. However, of all PHF members. only one third have valid Memorandum of Understanding by the Economic Affairs Division – the main legal basis for INGO presence in Pakistan, while the remaining have either expired MoU or no MoU at all. This presents a persistence challenge to acquire development space in the country and requires collective efforts and advocacy.


Enlarge development and humanitarian space in Pakistan.

Gruppi target

Existing PHF members and observers

53 PHF members INGOs with approximately 20,800 national and international staff; 7 PHF permanent observers with approximately 2,400 international and national individual staff; 1 Network Permanent Observer – NHN with approximately 125 national NGO members; 25 National NGO members of the DRR Forum (result 2)

PHF Partners:  12 Donor organizations: through regular donor communication and updates; 3 International Coordination Fora (ICVA, INTERACTION and EISF)

Total Direct Beneficiaries: 113 organizations


Effetti a medio termine

Outcome 1

The Government of Pakistan supports and facilitates operations by PHF members.

Outcome 2

Displaced and disaster affected people benefit from better and quicker service delivery by member NGOs.



Risultati principali attesi:  

Output 1: All Pakistan Humanitarian Forum has valid Memorandum of Understanding from Government of Pakistan.

Output 2: Timely access to beneficiaries is supported for all interested Pakistan Humanitarian Forum members.


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  • Norwegian Refugee Council

Altri partner

Members NGOs / INGOs of PHF and ECHO

Coordinamento con altri progetti e attori

PHF is the only coordination forum for INGOs in Pakistan. It is the main interlocutor for UNOCHA and UNDSS to interact INGOs. PHF works closely with all INGOs in Pakistan including many of SDC’s implementing partners. PHF has representation at different government/UN/Donor forums including National Humanitarian Network and engage with other bilateral meetings with strategic stakeholders thus ensuring collaboration and synergies with other projects and actors.

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