Small States - Big Ideas

Wednesday, 01.04.2015 – Thursday, 09.04.2015

Landscape as Infrastructure for Biodiversity and Food Security: Perspectives from Switzerland and Qatar

  • Lectures and Workshop on “Green Roofs” (1st April 2015)
  • Exhibition “The Swiss Touch in Landscape Architecture” (1st - 9th April 2015)

Switzerland and Qatar are both considered as small states, but with far reaching global presence. With constrained territorial land, both states have invested in producing a knowledge economy, and are committed to building sustainable societies and infrastructure.

An emerging field and discipline that contributes to increasing the quality of life and improving urban ecosystems is Landscape, which includes Ecological Planning, Landscape Design, Green Infrastructure and Food Systems.

This event is co-hosted by Qatar University and the Swiss Embassy in Qatar.



Location: Doha, Qatar University, College of Engineering (CENG), Female Campus