Switzerland continues to invest in digital development of Serbia

Press release, 19.04.2018

During the official visit to the Republic of Serbia on the occasion of the launch of the new strategic cycle of development cooperation between Switzerland and Serbia, high representatives from Berne, H.E. Ambassador Ruth Huber, Assistant Director General of the Swiss Development Assistance and Director of the Department for Cooperation with Eastern Europe and Ivo Germann, Director of the Economic Cooperation and Development Sector representing the Swiss Secretariat for Economic Affairs, met with the Serbian Prime Minister, Ana Brnabić.

Brnabic and Germann opening innovation lab in STP Belgrade
Brnabic and Germann opening innovation lab in STP Belgrade © SCO Serbia

On that occasion, Germann and Brnabić opened new innovation laboratory in the Science and Technology Park in Belgrade. The park was established through the funds of the Swiss Cooperation Strategy with Serbia 2013-2017.  In his media statement, Germann noted that innovations are the most important model for economic development. Switzerland, which has supported the Science and Technology Park with 1.2 million Swiss Francs so far, will continue to support Serbia in the development of the IT sector, Germann said, having in mind that IT sector  is becoming the most developed sector with a growth of 21% in 2017. 

He also emphasized the significance of the Science and Technology Park in Belgrade as an opportunity for the improvement of Serbia's international image. As Germann stated, he is going to return to Switzerland with a positive impression. He expressed his satisfaction with the fact that there are numerous companies from the Park involved in innovation that employ young engineers. Initiatives like this represent opportunities for employment of young, educated people and therefore prevent brain drain from Serbia, while some who left the country also return.

"I'm glad to hear that people are coming back to Serbia, not just from Switzerland. Diaspora is smart and they know why they are returning“, the Director emphasized in his media statement. 

On that occasion, the Serbian Prime Minister announced 65 million Euros of investment in IT infrastructure in the following three years.