Crown Culture Association publishes Friedrich Dürrenmatt’s “Der Richter Und Sein Henker”

Friday, 07.01.2022 – Monday, 31.01.2022


© Crown Culture Association
Der Richter Und Sein Henker © Crown Culture Association

Crown Culture Corporation publishes the Chinese translation  (in traditional character) of Friedrich Dürrenmatt’s “Der Richter Und Sein Henker”, which is now available for purchase online and in bookstores around Taiwan. 

Book Launch Event 

Friday, 7th January 2022   20:00-21:00

Eslite Xinyi (No.11, Songgao Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 11073)

with speakers: Dr. Hui Chun Cheng from Department of German, Tamkang University and Editor-in-Chief Ms. Ting Ting Hsu from Crown Culture Corporation

Location: Eslite, Xinyi