The 30th annual Taipei International Book Exhibition Opens on 2nd June

Thursday, 02.06.2022 – Tuesday, 07.06.2022


2022 TiBE poster
2022 TiBE poster © Taipei Book Fair Foundation

The 30th annual Taipei International Book Exhibition returns to meet the readers and publishers after 2 years without a phyical exhibition due to the pandemic. This year, Trade Office of Swiss Industries, in collaboration with Editions Antipodes Hélice Hélas and Edition Moderne, will showcase  20 comic books and graphic novels, offering Taiwanese readers and publishers a glimspe of the vibrant Swiss comic scene and talents, including finalist for the Swiss Children's Book Prize 2022 Astor by Moccia Tito, Starkes Ding by Lika Nüssli, bei mir, bei dir by Maeva Rubli and Anisa Alrefaei Roomieh, Zwang by Simone F. Baumann, Yoko-Ni by Christian Denisart, Eugène and PET.  

The popular children's book series Der Geisterkickboarder  (The Ghost-Kickboarder) created by Stefan Baiker which has a 10,000 rating with an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars on German’s biggest pedagogical rating platform Antolin is also coming to the Swiss boothBaiker, based in Switzerland, will join his two Taiwanese illustrators at an "Meet the Author" event on Monday, 6th June. 

In addition, the Zürich based multi-media company, Divisto Learning, which is dedicated to creating digital content by integrating text, images and videos, documentary into videobooks will allow visitors to browse their digital content on a tablet at the Swiss Booth. 

Visit 2022 Taipei International Book Exhibition for exhibition hours and details.  Swiss Booth is located at #A1219 in the Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1 (No.5, Sec.5 Xinyi Road, Taipei City)

Mon, 6 June 15:00-16:00 (International Salon)

An international collaboration behind the Swiss Children’s book series "Der Geisterkickboarder"

Location: Taipei