TCP Tajikistan Component III Assistance in intellectual property rights

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This component THREE is part of the Trade Cooperation Programme Tajikistan and comprises an assistance in the field of intellectual property rights.

Pays/région Thème Période Budget
Commerce durable
01.03.2013 - 30.06.2016
CHF 1'100'000
Contexte The following programme consists in a larger assistance programme called Trade Cooperation Programme (TCP) which started in 2012 and will last four years. The TCP is an integrated approach and aims at providing a better overall assistance to Tajikistan in its implementation of complex domestic reforms to fulfill all trade provisions of the WTO after the accession process.
Objectifs The overarching goal of Component THREE is that Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) protection in Tajikistan contributes to higher competitiveness, more value added to Tajik products and a positive impact on Tajikistan's socio-economic development. This component foresees the support to a well-balanced IPR protection system which will allow a favorable climate for innovative activities in the country, innovation being one the main drivers of economic growth.
Effets à moyen terme The approval of a consistent national IP development strategy by the Government of Tajikistan (GoT) and the establishment of an action plan. The strengthening of the ability of the GoT to protect and enforce IPRs.The increased demand of key IP users to protect and capitalize on their IPRs.

Principaux résultats attendus:   Assistance in the drafting and evaluating of a national IP development strategy.Advising and complementing the legal framework in line with international commitments.Increase capacity of Tajik officials in the main fields of IPRs.Enhance knowledge and awareness of Tajik authorities on Geographical Indications (GIs) by conducting a study on potential GIs and if positive, registering one pilot non-food GI product.Increase capacity of Tajik custom officials on IPR enforcement at the border.Assist Tajikistan in formulating a Public Education and Awareness Raising (PE & A) Strategy in the field of IPRs in the national language. Develop and test pilot training in national language for selected groups of IPR users.

Direction/office fédéral responsable SECO
Crédit Coopération avec l'Europe de l'Est
Partenaire de projet Partenaire contractuel
  • Swiss Federal Institute for IP Rights

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