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Community Based Family Medicine in Tajikistan

01.06.2014 - 31.12.2018

Tajikistan is the poorest country in CIS region, and only 2.2% of the country's $6.9 billion GDP is allocated to the healthcare sector. Malnutrition and waterborne diseases are the main factors contributing to the child mortality rate (the highest among CIS countries).The present project will contribute to the ongoing health reform implemented by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, by improving the access of the targeted population (400'000) to quality family medicine services provided in the local Primary Health Care Centres.

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Rural Water Supply and Sanitation in the Fergana Valley, Tajikistan

01.01.2014 - 31.12.2019

The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) was engaged in the Fergana valley both in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan with the Regional Rural Water Supply and Sanitation project since 2007. Due to difficulties in implementing regional projects in Central Asia, SDC decided in 2012 to develop two separate country projects with a regional view. The overall objective of the project is to improve the rural population’s health and livelihood with sustainable safe drinking water and sanitation facilities as well as with the development of training for better household hygienic behavior.

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Water Supply and Sanitation in Tajikistan

01.11.2013 - 30.06.2018

The project seeks to improve access to safe drinking water and sanitation in rural areas by enhancing the sustainability of the water and sanitation sector. The project will focus on: increasing access to water and sanitation Systems for 15.000 women, men and chiidren in rural areas; contribute to the institutional and policy reform; and include and enhance the focus on sanitation issues, waste water disposai, toilets in rural schools, clinics and other public facilities, norms for sanitation and water quality. The project will also create synergies with the community health program in Tajikistan.

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National Water Resources Management in Uzbekistan

01.09.2013 - 31.12.2019

This project aims at supporting the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources in the water management, by strengthening their capacities at local and central levels, by improving the management of water-related data within the country and by supporting the establishment of strategic and legislative framework conditions for the development of the water sector. To improve the prevention of flood-related disasters and the preparedness of the authorities and the population, a pilot project will be carried out on a small river shared by Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

Aga Khan Foundation: Integrated Health and Habitat Improvement (IHHI) Rasht Valley

01.07.2013 - 31.12.2017

Tajikistan is the poorest country of the former Soviet Union and is marked by a sluggish transition and fragility patterns. This project contributes to improving the Rasht Valley (the most neglected and fragile area of the country) population’s quality of life through better provision of and access to water and health services, as well as increased resilience against natural hazards. Moreover, it enhances professional skills and empowers the local population in planning and investing in its communities.

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Central Asia: Promotion of Interstate Water Management Cooperation on Transboundary Chu and Talas Rivers

01.03.2013 - 31.12.2016

Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan have set up Interstate Commission for joint management of water resources in the basins of Chu river and of Talas river. However, a serious challenge for integrated water resources management remains to establish a data management system for which capacities are increasingly depleting. The proposed project will establish a monitoring system for both basins by upgrading the monitoring infrastructure generating real time data and capacities in both basins, thus supporting the Interstate Commission in decision making based on solid analysis and data.

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National Water Resources Management in Tajikistan

01.02.2013 - 30.11.2018

This project in the north of Tajikistan has been developed upon the request of the Government of Tajikistan to address the transformation of the Tajik Water Management. The project builds on Switzerland’s expertise and long-term presence in the water management in Central Asia. Specifically, the project will strengthen the capacities of the irrigation water providers and the local communities in effective water resource management, in order to support the ongoing Water Sector Reform process. Concurrently, the project will support the rehabilitation of key irrigation infrastructure and reduce the impact of natural disasters to sustain the achievements of the project.

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National Water Resources Management in Kyrgyzstan

01.01.2013 - 31.12.2019

Water resources management remains ineffective in the Kyrgyz Republic, but the Water Code based on of Integrated Water Resources Management principles and adopted in 2005, provides stewardship for improved water resources governance and management. However the government lacks technical capacity and financial resources to implement the code. The project will assist the country in strengthening and improving water resources management capability and irrigation service delivery for the benefit of water users by enforcement of the water code.

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Access to Justice in Tajikistan

01.12.2012 - 30.11.2016

Legal reform and ensuring legal security for citizens in Tajikistan are cornerstones of the transition. The project aims to improve access to justice for vulnerable people and is contributing to reforms. Through the provision of legal aid services and the monitoring of law application and implementation practices, potential issues for reform shall be identified and analyzed. Reform proposals based on these analyses shall be advocated and discussed between governmental and non governmental actors. At the same time, the awareness and capacities both of legal service users and providers will be strengthened.

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Improving access to safe drinking water systems and hygiene practices in mountain regions of Tajikistan – Rasht Valley

01.10.2012 - 30.09.2013

Despite sufficient water resources available in Tajikistan, access to safe drinking water remains an important challenge in the country. The project will focus on improving access to safe drinking water for people in mountain areas through the installation or rehabilitation of drinking water systems. It will cover 50 villages with a total population of approximately 45,000 people, thus also contributing to a reduction in water borne diseases in the targeted regions. By focusing on the most neglected and fragile areas, Switzerland supports the efforts of re-connecting the communities and the State and thus of reducing conflict potential and strengthening stability in Tajikistan.

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