Public holidays

The Embassy of Switzerland in Nairobi is closed on the listed holidays 2023
Date Weekday  Holiday
02.01.2023 Monday Saint Berchtold
07.04.2023 Friday Good Friday
10.04.2023 Monday Easter Monday
21.04.2023 Friday Eid-al-Fitr (exact date may change)
01.05.2023 Monday Labour Day
29.05.2023 Monday Whit Monday
01.06.2023 Thursday Madaraka Day
28.06.2023 Wednesday Aid-al-Adha (exact date may change)
10.10.2023 Tuesday Huduma Day
20.10.2023 Friday Mashujaa Day
12.12.2023 Tuesday Jamhuri Day
25.12.2023 Monday Christmas
26.12.2023 Tuesday Boxing Day
The honorary consulate of Switzerland will be closed on the following public holidays 2023
Date Weekday Holiday
28.06.2023 Wednesday  Aid-al-Adha
09.10.2023 Monday Independence Day 
25.12.2023 Monday Christmas Day 
26.12.2023 Tuesday  Boxing Day