Swiss Films at the 45th Kyiv International Film Festival MOLODIST

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Saturday, 24.10.2015 – Sunday, 01.11.2015


Molodist IFF is the major regular cinema event in Ukraine and Eastern Europe as considered by FIAPF. Every year the festival presents more than 250 films from all over the world. Competition program consists of sections of student films, first short films and first full-feature films.


Screenings of Swiss Films at the 45th Kyiv International Film Festival MOLODIST:

Sparrows and Snorkels, Elena Brotschi, Switzerland, 2014, 15’08’’
Ivan meets Paolo, little Jonas meets Ida, another Jonas meets Sandra and Annina meets Jonas – in July, at a campsite by a river.


Discipline, Christophe M. Saber, Switzerland, 2014, 11’

It’s 9:30 pm in a grocery store in Lausanne, Switzerland. The place is run by Egyptians. In a moment of anger, a father loses his temper and disciplines his disobedient child. A shocked customer immediately intervenes to express her concern. Other customers join the conversation, each put in their two cents and the staff is swamped. This discussion turns into a debate, and then into quarrel. The situation gradually gets out of hand and into chaos.


Dora or The Sexual Neuroses of Our Parents, Stina Werenfels, Switzerland, Germany, 2015, 90’

At the age of 18, Dora is just beginning to blossom. Her mother Kristin has recently decided that Dora’s medications are no longer necessary. As the mentally disabled young woman rushes headlong into life, a man takes a liking to her. Soon, the two become sexually involved much to Kristin’s dismay. Whilst her mother’s attempts to have a second child have thus far been of no avail, Dora becomes pregnant.


The Black Hen, Min Bahadur Bham, Nepal, Germany, Switzerland, France, 2015, 90’

The year is 2001, Nepal during the civil war. Two best friends, Prakash and Kiran, live in a remote northern village. They are 12 years old. Though they belong to different castes, they remain inseparable. Their dream is to own a hen. They could make money selling the eggs and buy whatever they liked. Meanwhile, the sister of the poor one, Prakash, secretly joins the Maoist party, while the groom of Kiran's sister gets arrested by the Maoists. Trying to get the hen at any price, the boys have to face the harsh reality of the world surrounding them.
The film was shot in Mugu, northern Nepal, the director's home village. The two young protagonists are nonprofessional actors selected from the local community.
Best Film at the 2015 Venice International Film Critics Week.


Alekto, Thomas Kaufmann, Switzerland, 2014, 23’
Julia Forward awakens in a world that seems deadlocked in the Stone Age. Somebody has taken her hostage and left her in this unreal and hostile environment. Far away from everything she has ever known she has to fight for her survival whilst learning the bitter secret of planet earth.


A German Youth, Jean-Gabriel Périot, France, Germany, Switzerland, 2015, 93’

The 60s and 70s were marked by enormous political and social upheaval. While counterculture at Carnaby Street and Haight-Ashbury took the form of flower power and free love, a cadre of young radicals – including Andreas Baader and Ulrike Meinhof – played for keeps in the conflict between capitalism and communism on the continent with historic consequences.


Drift, Karim Patwa, Switzerland, 2015, 93’
Robert, a former driver in illegal races, returns to his hometown Dietikon after a long period of absence. He wants to start a new life by an apprenticeship in a repair shop. Everything goes well, until he meets Alice. He follows her every move and spies on her. In order to get closer to Alice, he pretends to be someone else and takes an English class with her. But for how long can he hide his true identity?


At War, Simon Jaquemet, Switzerland, 2014, 106’

Matteo, a 15-year-old fragile boy, runs in the woods carrying his baby brother. He sits in a car on the road to remote farm. It’s the parent’s punishment for kidnapping the baby. Three hostile teenagers grab and lock him into a dog cage. Anton, an unpredictably aggressive boy, is in charge of farmer now, who was supposed to handle kids. He has given shelter to two more teenagers: Dion, a boy from Serbia and Aline, a girl with short cut hair. Matteo is their dog. Only when he starts to stand up against them he earns their respect. He joins them on a mission to reach the city. A feverish night full of violence and destruction. It’s their revenge against everything. Matteo gets stronger, learns to fight, and falls in love with Aline. He is part of the pack. The farm is their perfect hideout.


Sworn Virgin, Laura Bispuri, Італія, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Albania, Kosovo, 2015, 90’

Hana is growing up in an archaic Albania. She escapes the fate of a wife and servant and pledges herself to life-long virginity. She is given a dagger and the name of Mark. But after years, she decides to change her life and takes the train to Milan, where Hana's sister lives with her family. She is not exactly expecting Hana.

More information and festival’s program can be found under: MOLODIST

Location: Kyiv, ‘Kyiv’ Cinema, 19, Velyka Vasyl’kivska St.