Birth abroad

Registration in the Swiss civil status register (Infostar) of a birth which has occurred abroad requires submission of the documents listed on this webpage to the Swiss representation competent for the country in which the birth has taken place.

There is no fee for the registration in question.

Information/reminders from the Swiss representation concerning the birth of a child:

  • original birth certificate of the child in question
  • where applicable, a Swiss family book or certificate
  • for parents who are not registered with a Swiss representation, identity documents and place of residence.

Birth in Switzerland

In the case of a birth in Switzerland, parents registered with a Swiss representation abroad are under an obligation to report the birth of the child. They must submit the following document (as hard copy or in electronic form) to enable the representation to update its register of the Swiss Abroad:

  • photocopy of the birth certificate of the newborn Swiss infant or of the Swiss family certificate

There is no fee for the registration in question.

Swiss identity documents and foreign residence permit

A regular Swiss identity document can only be issued once the birth of the child has been registered in the Swiss civil status register, or rather once the child’s Swiss nationality has been confirmed. In urgent cases, please contact the competent Swiss representation.

Passport and identity card

Regarding the foreign residence permit for the child, please refer to the competent foreign authority.

Authorisation to enter and take residence in Switzerland for foreign children (family reunification)

For foreign children who are joining their parents residing in Switzerland, please refer to the information on the following webpage:

National visa for a stay of more than 90 days

Birth in the UAE

In order to register your child’s birth with the Swiss authorities, please send the following document at your earliest convenience to the Swiss representation where you are registered:

The original birth certificate in english attested by the Ministery of Foreign Affairs

How to obtain a birth certificate in the UAE:

If your child has been born in the UAE, you will automatically obtain a birth certificate in Arabic. Birth certificates must be attested by the Ministery of Health.

The hospital in which the baby was delivered will issue a notification of the birth certificate. Some public hospitals have a Ministery of Health Counter which will issue the Arabic birth certificate. If not, you will have to submit the notification of birth at a Birth Certificate Office (in Dubai: Al Baraha Hospital). You have to bring Originals and copies of the following: Passports of both parents, marriage certificate. After handing in the documents, the Arabic birth certificate will be given to you after two working days.

For the English translation: ask for the application form when you collect your Arabic birth certificate (same counter). Have it typed in English at one of the typing booths within the hospital grounds, then go to the doctor in charge for attestation (both English and Arabic certificate), go back to the Birth Certificate Office to register. The birth certificates will be endorsed immediately. It still has to be legalized by the Ministery of Health (at the same hospital).

Before submitting the english original to the competent Swiss representation, it has to be attested by the Ministery of Foreign Affairs.

Note that non-Emirati children born in the UAE are not eligible for a UAE passport.

Registering a Newborn Child with UAE authorities

If you wish to obtain a residence permit for your child, you must first register the child with the competent Swiss representation to obtain a passport.
If the child was born outside of the UAE, the foreign birth certificate must first be attested by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Please submit this birth certificate also to the competent Swiss representation.
If a child born in the UAE has neither a visa nor a residence permit, the child may not leave the country under any circumstances.
Arrangements for a residence permit must occur within four month of the baby's date of birth. This deadline is both for children born in the UAE and those born outside of the UAE.