Services and publications


Brochures, specialist publications, reports and slide presentations on Switzerland's relations with Europe and the EU to download or order online.


From the foreign policy strategy to the annual report on Switzerland's contribution to the enlarged EU: overview of key Swiss strategies and reports concerning European policy.

Access to official documents

The procedure for obtaining access to official documents in accordance with the transparency principle.


Which countries are in Schengen? What are the consequences of Brexit for Switzerland? FAQs and answers concerning European policy, the institutional agreement, Schengen/Dublin and Brexit.

Switzerland-EU in figures

Selection of charts and figures on economic relations Switzerland-EU and other matters concerning European policy.

Slide presentations

Slide presentations on Swiss-EU relations and on the EU itself. Concise and richly illustrated, suitable for teaching and training purposes.

European seminars

The 'European seminars' on European integration and Swiss-EU relations are aimed at employees of the Confederation and the cantons.