Support to Integrated Water Resource Management in Kosovo

Geplantes Projekt

The water resources in Kosovo are increasingly under threat from pollution and rising demand for water for farming, industry and growing urban centers. Climate change is projected to exacerbate the impact on the availability of water resources as well as increase the risk for flood related disasters. The program supports different stakeholders in Kosovo at the national, regional and local level to tackle these complex pressures in establishing an integrated water resources management approach.

Land/Region Thema Periode Budget

01.05.2024 - 30.04.2031
CHF  11’720’000
Hintergrund The program supports Kosovo in the development of an integrated water resource management (IWRM) approach, under which all water issues and relevant stakeholders and their particular socioeconomic and environmental concerns are brought together. The process will be guided by the requirements of the EU-water acquis, notably the EU Water Framework Directive (EU WFD) and its principle mechanism, the River Basin Management Plans, which aim at the protection, improvement and sustainable use of water resources across Europe.
Mittelfristige Wirkungen
  • The population and environment of Kosovo and its downstream neighboring countries benefit from an equitable utilization and allocation of fresh water resources of good quality. 
  • Capacitated authorities at central and local level protect and manage the water resources in an informed and inclusive manner in line with EU WFD.
  • Citizens and civil society organisations actively engage in a public dialogue on water and environment related issues and exercise themselves in a conscientious use of water resources.
Verantwortliche Direktion/Bundesamt DEZA
Kreditbereich Ostzusammenarbeit
Projektpartner Vertragspartner
  • Schweizerischer Privatsektor

Koordination mit anderen Projekten und Akteuren The program builds on activities and lessons learnt of relevant Swiss and other donor funded programs in Kosovo and the region, following the river basin management RBM approach, and will allow creating important synergies with upcoming interventions such as the Nature-Based Solutions for Water of SDC Global Program Water.
Budget Laufende Phase Schweizer Beitrag CHF    11’720’000 Bereits ausgegebenes Schweizer Budget CHF    0

Phase 99 01.05.2024 - 30.04.2031   (Planned)

Phase 1 01.10.2018 - 30.04.2024   (Laufende Phase)