Safety and security services to Palestinian and international NGOs in Gaza

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Gazans life after the Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip Summer 2014, photo by Ali Ashour, © 2015 SDC

Gaza is an extremely volatile environment with high security and safety risks. UNDSS has developed mechanisms for security management which does not include NGOs staff nor diplomats. INSO (International NGO Safety Office) is a project which complements the UNDSS framework and provides security and safety services to NGOs working in the difficult and extremely fragile environment  of Gaza. These services allows the NGOs based on the information provided by INSO to better assess the security situation, to improve their awareness and to increase their competences and skills in security and safety management  and to rely on a well-coordinated system in case of evacuation. INSO  also provides a platform for NGOs to exchange on security and safety issues

Country/region Topic Period Budget
Palestinian Authority
Humanitarian Assistance & DRR
Material relief assistance
01.01.2015 - 31.05.2017
CHF 758'894

The Gaza Strip in the oPt has experienced three wars in six years, the latest in Summer 2014 which resulted in immense human and infrastructure losses. The economic situation in the  Gaza  strip  is dramatic  and  more  than 80%  of  its population relies  on  international aid.  However,  after  the latest armed conflict, humanitarian aid is very slow and does not reach  significant part  of the population;  reconstruction has hardly started because of restrictions on import for reconstruction material, increasing the frustration and anger of the populations towards the international community. Threats  and attacks against  representatives  of  the international community or international institutions have increased in the last few months.


To strengthen and preserve humanitarian space through enhancement  of  safety  and  security management and awareness of NGOs working in Gaza. 

Target groups
  • At least 147 NGO/CBOs and their staff working in Gaza.
  • Representatives of diplomatic mission visiting Gaza 
Medium-term outcomes
  • To provide safety and security information services to member agencies to support member's ability to deliver aid
  • To build understanding of security management and contingency mechanisms, and capacity to develop internal skills-sets within member agenda by building collaboration between NGOs, key stakeholder and the UN.
  • To facilitate the Saving Lives Together agenda by building collaboration between NGOs, key stakeholders and the UN. 

Expected results:  

  • Timely, actionable information, analysis and recommendations are delivered to INSO members and reciprocal communication network developed with member agencies.
  • Capacity building program tailored to respond to the needs of members (INGOs and LNGOs) are implemented monthly: technical advice provided. Additional sources of income are identified and materialized, starting in September 2015 (30% for the last months of 2015, 50% for 2016) 

Results from previous phases:  

  • 147 NGOs benefiting from security SMS forwarded by INSO to its members.
  • It provided training (2 in 2014) on security management and contingency plans.
  • Bi-weekly security analysis are provided to all members Monthly briefing are provided to members in Gaza and Jerusalem.
  • During the armed conflicts, INSO organized with UNDSS and UNACU the evacuation of the international staff of NGOs active in Gaza and gave advices to those that kept operating during the emergency phases.

Directorate/federal office responsible SDC
Credit area Humanitarian aid
Project partners Contract partner
International or foreign NGO
  • Care International

Budget Current phase Swiss budget CHF   758'894 Swiss disbursement to date CHF   684'812
Project phases

Phase 2 01.01.2015 - 31.05.2017   (Completed)