Global Water Security and Sanitation Partnership (GWSP)

The Global Water Security and Sanitation Partnership (GWSP) of the World Bank Water Global Practice is a global partnership on water and sanitation security as set out in the global water goal (SDG 6). This SDC support will advance innovative global knowledge production and exchange as well as building capacity through country-level support with a focus on the population excluded most from water investments and services.

Country/region Topic Period Budget
Water supply
Water sanitation
Water resources conservation
01.07.2022 - 30.06.2026
CHF  8’000’000
Background Most donor support for the water sector in many countries has focused on individual sub-sectors, and has not addressed the broader challenges of water as set out in SDG 6: there is a need water is effectively managed as critical resource for development to support households, agriculture, manufacturing, job creation, and the environment. With its portfolio of water investments and water experts, the World Bank is uniquely positioned to lead these efforts, developing and sharing global knowledge while also amplifying the impact of World Bank Group financial instruments through technical assistance on the ground.
Objectives GWSP’s objective is to achieve a water secure world for all by sustaining water resources, delivering services, and building resilience. GWSP supports client governments to achieve water related SDGs, through the generation of innovative global knowledge and the provision of country-level support, while influencing World Bank Group financial instruments and promoting global dialogue and advocacy with key partners and clients to increase reach and impact.
Target groups Client countries / governments (national and sub-national level), citizens (incl. women and young people), academic sector, civil society, private sector (global and domestic private sector, incl. financial sector).
Medium-term outcomes

·     Action-oriented global knowledge and analysis

·     Strenghtened Partnerships and Knowledge Exchange;

·     Change at regional / country-level across regions at global scale catalysed by        strengthening the uptake of the priority themes (sustainability, inclusion,        institutions, financing, resilience) of water-related national policies and World        Bank supported programmes and projects in the core thematic business lines of        GWSP.


Expected results:  

- Analytical tools, lessons learned, guidance documents

- technical assistance, capacity-building, and leveraging knowledge and partnership at global and regional and country-level with a thematic focus on sustainability, inclusion, institutions, financing, resilience along the in the areas of: 1.Water Supply&Sanitation; 2.Agricultural Water Management; 3.Water Security/Resources Manage-ment/Transboundary Cooperation; 4.Water,Economy and Climate Change

Results from previous phases:  

Key results related to SDC’s contribution include:

·     3.1 mio. people with access to improved water sources

·     0.2 mio. water users with improved irrigation services


·     Consideration of fragility, conflict and violence affected contexts needs to be        strengthened;

·     Integration of Climate Change following latest IPCC reports and according to        the Worldbank Climate Change Action Plan;

·     An enhanced focus on social inclusion including gender is needed;

·     Better alignment of funding and financing flows with water security, climate          and broader policy objectives.

Directorate/federal office responsible SDC
Project partners Contract partner
International Financial Institution (IFI)
  • World Bank - International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
  • World Bank/Global Water Practice and regional divisions, leveraging all instruments of the World Bank Group, including other thematic practices as well as IFC or MIGA (“One Bank Approach”).

Coordination with other projects and actors UN (incl. UNCDF, UN-Water, UNICEF, WHO, SHF), regional development banks, think tanks (e.g. Earth Security Group), NGOs and multi-stakeholder platforms. Bilateral donors via the GWSP donor coordination: Sweden/SIDA, The Netherlands/DGIS, Australia/DFAT, Norway/NORAD,  Bill&Melinda Gates Foundation, Austria, USAID, SECO.
Budget Current phase Swiss budget CHF    8’000’000 Swiss disbursement to date CHF    1’999’800