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Coopération au développement et aide humanitaire de la Suisse, Statistiques 2020

This publication consists of six tables providing an overview of public development assistance (Swiss Confederation, cantons, communes) and private grants (NGOs) from Switzerland in 2020, by recipient country and by organization. It also includes a list of the main projects by country.

Cooperation Programme for Central America 2022-2024

With its new 2022-2024 Cooperation Programme in Central America, Swiss Cooperation is entering a new phase. The Dispatch on Switzerland’s International Cooperation 2021-2024 envisages a responsible and gradual withdrawal of Swiss bilateral cooperation from Latin America and the Caribbean.

Swiss Cooperation Programme for Kosovo 2022-25

Starting with humanitarian assistance in 1998, Switzerland’s cooperation with Kosovo has gradually shifted towards supporting transition processes and progress towards European standards and values. In 2008, Switzerland was one of the first countries to recognize the republic of Kosovo and to establish diplomatic and consular relations. Switzerland and Kosovo have since then developed a trusted partnership based on mutual interests and rooted in the spirit of the cooperation agreements between the two governments.

Guidelines on Water 2022-25

The Guidelines on Water 2022–2025 substantiate the principles of the Foreign Policy Strategy 2020−23 and the IC Strategy 2021−24 in relation to the foreign policy thematic priority of water. The structure is framed by the five key objectives of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnership. The guidelines are part of the third level of the cascade of core foreign policy documents. They are primarily aimed at the FDFA but may also provide guidance for other departments and actors. A glossary explains the key terms.

Kooperationsprogramm Ausstiegsprogramm Kuba 2022-2024

Das vorliegende Kooperationsprogramm 2022–2024 plant den Ausstieg der langjährigen bilateralen Entwicklungszusammenarbeit der DEZA aus Kuba. Dies ist gemäss dem Entscheid des schweizerischen Parlaments von 2020, die bilateralen Mittel für Lateinamerika bis 2024 schrittweise auf die Regionen Nordafrika, Mittlerer Osten und Subsahara-Afrika zu verlagern.

Swiss Cooperation Programme Bangladesh 2022-25

The Swiss Cooperation Programme for Bangladesh 2022–25 builds upon lessons learnt from 50 years of partnership focused on empowering the most vulnerable segments of the population and promoting gender equality. Switzerland will continue supporting Bangladesh on its journey to graduate from the least developed country category and to progress towards achieving the sustainable development goals, whilst leaving no one behind.

Object 1 – 12 of 368