Strengthening of UNHCR Community-Based Protection Project

In line with the Good Humanitarian Donorship (GHD) principles, Switzerland recognizes the necessity of predictable and flexible funding to respond to changing needs in humanitarian crises. SDC funding allows UNHCR to improve its protection approaches and activities towards persons of concern, including internally displaced persons through the development of adequate processes and mechanisms guaranteeing quality standards in UNHCR programmes.

Country/region Topic Period Budget
Humanitarian Assistance & DRR
Protection, access & security
Forced displacement (refugees, IDP, human trafficking)
01.01.2017 - 31.12.2017
CHF  200’000
Background UNHCR has a global mandate to lead and coordinate international efforts to protect refugees and resolve refugee problems worldwide. Its primary purpose is to safeguard their rights and well-being as laid down in the 1951 Refugee Convention and in the 1967 Protocol, which describe the rights of refugees, asylum seekers and stateless persons as well as the obligations of states.
Objectives Providing the necessary capacity to develop and put in place strong policies and quality monitoring as well as evaluation systems for the protection of communities of concern to UNHCR’s mandate and role and responsibilities in IDPs context.
Target groups Refugees and internally displaced persons of concern to UNHCR as well as host communities as relevant.
Medium-term outcomes Through its support, Switzerland contributes to the implementation of its 2011 Age, Gender and Diversity policy.

Expected results:  

  • UNHCR staff have enhanced capacity to operationalize community-based protection (CBP).
  • Community-based protection is further institutionalized within UNHCR.

Results from previous phases:  

  • Sharing of learning within UNHCR and with other humanitarian actors globally through an online "community of practice" launched in early 2016.
  • Guidance and capacity-building material developed through series of practical guidance briefs on key CBP approaches, models and methodologies.
  • Technical support provided to country operations through field missions and from HQ.
  • Synergies created with other units/divisions and partner organizations: the launch of the community of practice, the production of guidance briefs and the current development of the CBP Learning Programme have all led to strengthened linkages with other units within UNHCR.

Directorate/federal office responsible SDC
Credit area Humanitarian aid
Project partners Contract partner
United Nations Organization (UNO)
  • Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees

Budget Current phase Swiss budget CHF    200’000 Swiss disbursement to date CHF    200’000 Total project since first phase Swiss budget CHF   400’000 Budget inclusive project partner CHF   600’000