SDC-EU Dialogue Program 2013 - 2016

Proyecto terminado

The program is set up to promote more systematically complementarities and synergies with certain EU External Action policies. It seeks to establish a continuous dialogue with relevant European Commission institutions, based on a flow of relevant knowledge on development policy matters, with the aims of increasing Switzerland’s visibility at the EU level as a reliable donor and further increasing the effectiveness of Swiss international cooperation. To achieve its goals, SDC closely collaborates with a Brussels-based Think-and-Do-Tank, the European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM).

Región/País Tema Período Presupuesto
Burkina Faso

Sector not specified
01.10.2013 - 31.07.2017
CHF  1’400’000

As the largest donor worldwide, the EU and its member states play a pivotal role in international development cooperation. The Dispatch 2013-2016 mentions knowledge management and scaling-up of successful experiences as important strategies for Swiss development aid. This program addresses fundamental issues discussed at the international level on the future role of international development cooperation, its instruments, and the international aid architecture. It, thus, contributes to the same discussion within Switzerland and to a process of gradual adjustment of Swiss international cooperation to a changing global environment.



  • To further increase the effectiveness of Swiss development cooperation through enhanced complementarities and synergies with certain EU policies;
  • To improve the perception at EU level of Switzerland’s contribution to international efforts as a development partner.

    Grupos destinarios


  • At the international level, relevant Directorates-General of the European Commission as well as other development policy stakeholders located in Brussels;
  • At the domestic level, SDC Directorate and units of all SDC domains as well as other federal offices and external Swiss stakeholders interested in foreign policy issues.

    Efectos a medio plazo


  • To enrich and consolidate policy development and its implementation at the level of Swiss development cooperation and Swiss foreign relations as a whole.
  • To contribute to policy development debates of EU institutions engaging in international development cooperation.


    Resultados de las fases anteriores:  

    Phase 1 allowed to launch a multi-annual dialogue with the Directorates-General Development and Cooperation-EuropeAid and Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection on a number of issues, including at the level of Commissioners. In 2011-13, ECDPM proved to be very efficient in delivering services requested, and became an indispensable resource for SDC units in a number of activities.

    Dirección / Officina Federal responsable COSUDE
    Crédito Cooperación al desarrollo
    Contrapartes del proyecto Contraparte del contrato
    Otra organización internacional
    • Centro Europeo de Gestión de las Políticas de Desarrollo
    • The European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM) located in Maastricht and Brussels supports SDC as a facilitator and backstopper for policy advice and implementation.

    Presupuesto Fase en curso Presupuesto suizo CHF    1’400’000 Presupuesto actual suizo ya emitido CHF    1’238’830
    Fases del proyecto Fase 3 01.10.2017 - 31.12.2021   (Completed)

    Fase 2 01.10.2013 - 31.07.2017   (Completed)