Strengthening policy dialogue on DRR & RR of Andean countries

The project aims at strengthening policy dialogue on Disaster Risk Reduction and Rapid Response among Andean countries in particular and within the Latin America countries in general. The participation of SDC’s key partners in DRR and humanitarian events (e.g. the yearly Humanitarian Network and Partnership Week) will facilitate knowledge exchange, experience sharing and increased collaboration within the region. The project will further contribute to this by engaging in knowledge management supporting regional policy dialogue, and by financially contributing to specific events.

Región/País Tema Período Presupuesto
Cambio climático y medio ambiente
Asistencia humanitaria y RRC
Reducción de riesgos de catástrofes
Eficacia humanitaria
14.11.2022 - 31.10.2025
CHF  250’000
Contexto To reduce human suffering and development setbacks, Disaster Risk Reduction and Rapid Response must be a priority of decision-makers. This requires sustaining and reiterating the political will at the highest level of national authorities. The UNDRR regional and global platforms are the most important political fora of the DRR agenda to discuss progress in the implementation of the Sendai Framework and to strengthen collaboration among countries and stakeholders. The solutions formulated during these conferences feed into multilateral negotiations, and regional and national sector policies.  
Objetivos Strengthen policy dialogue, knowledge exchange and collaboration on Disaster Risk Reduction and Rapid Response among Andean countries at regional and global level to contribute to more effective Disaster Risk Management in the region.
Grupos destinarios

Direct: SDC’s key partners in the Andean countries (regional, national, local level authorities and NGOs); UNDRR Panama.

Indirect: Multi-stakeholders in the Andean region (government officials, NGOs, academia, private sector) working on the implementation of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction; the Andean population. 

Efectos a medio plazo

Outcome 1:    SDC’s key partners in the Andean countries participate and engage in policy dialogue and knowledge exchange on DRR and RR at regional and global platforms and at humanitarian events;

Outcome 2:    The SDC engages in knowledge management supporting regional policy dialogue;

Outcome 3:    The organization of the RPDRR 23 in Uruguay is financially supported.


Resultados previstos:  

1)    Participation of SDC’s key partners in the Andean region;

2)    The SDC participated actively at the RPDRR 23 with a showcase of its Early Warning projects in the Andean countries and Central America;

3)    Funding gap of UNDRR for financing the RP23 is reduced. 

Dirección / Officina Federal responsable COSUDE
Contrapartes del proyecto Contraparte del contrato
ONG internacional o extranjera
Organización de las Naciones Unidas (ONU)
  • SDC Field Office
  • Instituto de las Naciones Unidas para la Formación Profesional y la Investigación

Otras contrapartes



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Presupuesto Fase en curso Presupuesto suizo CHF    250’000 Presupuesto actual suizo ya emitido CHF    136’162
Fases del proyecto Fase 1 14.11.2022 - 31.10.2025   (Fase en curso)