Improved Migration Policy + Application

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The impact hypothesis of the project is that a better regulation, organisation and management of overseas recruitment will make the system more transparent, and lower the entry costs for migration. Migration will thereby become more accessible to women and poor people, whose rights will at the same time be better protect, not least because they will be much more prepared for an overseas contract. This will make overseas labour migration a safer and more sustainable avenue out of poverty. The overall development goal of the project has therefore been formulated as follows: To contribute to the sustainable economic and social development of Bangladesh through the enhancement of decent employment opportunities and the protection of the male and female migrant workers and their family members. The project foresees the following three outcomes: (1) Strengthened policy and institutional frameworks to maximize the development impact of migration and the improved protection of both male and female workers and their families. (2) Improved operational efficiency and effectiveness of overseas employment promotion with special attention to regulation and supervision of recruitment agencies and the reduction of migration costs for aspiring migrant workers. (3) Strengthened social protection for Bangladeshi migrant workers, with special attention on female migrant workers, available on site and on their return.

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Migración en general (aspectos de desarrollo y partenariados)
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01.05.2010 - 31.10.2015
CHF  4’870’000
Dirección / Officina Federal responsable COSUDE
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Organización de las Naciones Unidas (ONU)
  • International Labor Organization

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