South Sudan, NP: Sobat Corridor

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Due to continued fighting, civilians especially women and children in the Sobat Corridor are exposed to GBV and child protection concerns such as forced child recruitment and unaccompanied and separated minors (UASMs). NP’s intervention seeks to reduce these protection issues, enhance the communities’ protective capacity and provide peaceful and effective measures to mitigate violence and also facilitate aid delivery to the area.

Pays/région Thème Période Budget
Soudan du Sud
Droits de la personne
Aide humanitaire & RRC
Droits de la personne (y compris droits des femmes)
Assistance matérielle
16.03.2016 - 30.04.2017
CHF  475’000

The prolonged conflict since December 2013 between government and SPLA-IO, has led to forced displacement of civilians into the Sobat Corridor, Upper Nile state. Continued aggression by both parties and insecurity due to inter-communal conflict over grazing land & cattle raids expose women and children to protection risks such as GBV, forced child recruitment & the risk of separation (unaccompanied and separated minors, UASMs). Humanitarian actors also face difficulties in delivering aid due to access constraints, limited coordination etc.


To reduce violence and increase the safety and security of civilians in conflict-affected areas of the Sobat Corridor.

Groupes cibles
  • Host community and IDPs living along the Sobat River Corridor
  • NGOs working in the area
Effets à moyen terme
  • Deter imminent threats of violence against civilians
  • Increase the protective capacity of  communities
  • Prevent, reduce & effectively respond to child protection issues
  • Reduce the prevalence of GBV in communities
  • Improve protection mainstreaming and coordination in humanitarian responses

Principaux résultats attendus:  

  • Improved safety of all vulnerable groups in the Sobat Corridor,
  • Conflict mitigation mechanisms utilized
  • Communities’ protective capacity enhanced
  • Support to vulnerable children provided
  • Strengthened capacity of existing local structures to adequately respond to child protection concerns
  • Community led GBV protection plans in place
  • Protection mainstreaming activities & trainings conducted

Direction/office fédéral responsable DDC
Crédit Aide humanitaire
Partenaire de projet Partenaire contractuel
ONG internationale ou étrangère
  • Other international or foreign NGO North

Coordination avec d'autres projets et acteurs

GOAL, UN agencies, WFP, NGOs, Local authorities.

Budget Phase en cours Budget de la Suisse CHF    475’000 Budget suisse déjà attribué CHF    477’500
Phases du projet Phase 2 01.05.2017 - 28.02.2019   (Completed)

Phase 1 16.03.2016 - 30.04.2017   (Completed)