Parliament Support Programme (PSP) in Macedonia

Progetto pianificato

The Assembly (national parliament) will be supported in order to more effectively safeguard citizen interest and engage in consensus-oriented and inclusive debate. Over the past years the executive has built a dominant role vis-a-vis parliament resulting in ineffective oversight, limited debate on legislation, and little interaction with civil society. With the change of government in April 2017, a new momentum to address these topics has formed. Switzerland can offer its 10+ years record in supporting the Assembly.

Paese/Regione Tema Periodo Budget
Politica del settore pubblico
Partecipazione democratica e società civile
Gestione delle finanze pubbliche
01.09.2023 - 31.12.2029
CHF  6’280’000
Direzione/Ufficio responsabile DSC
Credito Cooperazione con l'Europa dell'Est
Partner del progetto Partner contrattuale
ONG internazionale o straniera
  • Other international or foreign NGO North

Budget Fase in corso Budget Svizzera CHF    6’280’000 Budget svizzero attualmente già speso CHF    0
Fasi del progetto

Fase 99 01.09.2023 - 31.12.2029   (Planned)

Fase 1 01.11.2017 - 31.08.2023   (Fase in corso)