Aims and values of the FDFA

The FDFA forms and coordinates Swiss foreign policy on behalf of the Federal Council, pursues foreign policy objectives, safeguards the interests of Switzerland and promotes Swiss values.

The FDFA safeguards the foreign policy interests of Switzerland. As set out in the Swiss Federal Constitution, the nation's independence, security and welfare are the top priorities. Swiss foreign policy, for its part, holds to the following values:

  • help alleviate poverty and hardship in the world
  • respect human rights
  • promote democracy
  • promote the peaceful coexistence of peoples
  • conserve natural resources 

The FDFA's foreign policy goals and interests are set out in its organisation ordinance:

  • codetermination and participation in international organisations and committees of importance to Switzerland
  • coherent foreign policy
  • quality and efficiency of Swiss diplomatic and consular activities
  • raise awareness of foreign policy among the population