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Swiss Peace Supporter 1/2016

Swiss peace support 2 2016

This edition is dedicated to the subject of prevention – in terms of health and security – for people working in peacebuilding missions. For these experts involved on the ground, both physical and mental factors are important to maintaining a healthy balance between work and free time, and to carrying out missions successfully. This edition also looks at the issue of gender within the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine and the experience of the OAS in demobilising the different armed groups in Colombia.

Swiss Peace Supporter 1/2015

This edition focuses on the development of conflicts and the new challenges for peace support. You find articles on conflicts linked to the extraction of raw materials, military peace promotion in the Middle East, and the role of non-state organizations. In addition, the other sections in this publication provide you with a unique insight into the work of our specialists.

Object 25 – 30 of 30

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