General travel advice

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Thorough preparation is key to a successful trip. ©

Travelling abroad requires thorough preparation. The FDFA provides information on risks and how to minimise these. It also provides travel tips to consider ahead of and during your trip.

The country-by-country travel advice provides safety and security assessments focusing on the political situation and on crime.

The general travel information includes tips on how best to prepare for foreign travel. It should be considered alongside the advice for particular countries. It also tells you where to obtain further information, for example on health precautions or entry requirements applying to people, pets and vehicles.

It is important to take care while travelling and respect local laws and customs.

Travellers are responsible for making their own decisions prior to and during travel in full knowledge of the facts.


Tips during your trip

Grundregeln für den Aufenthalt im Ausland


Ratschläge und Auskünfte für Reisende

Terrorism and abduction

Wie Sie das Risiko minimieren


What to do in case of earthquake abroad?


Schutzmassnahmen bei Ereignissen mit erhöhter Radioaktivität

Help while abroad

Konsularischer Schutz der Schweizer Vertretung vor Ort

Travel links

Weiterführendes zu Auslandreisen

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