Parliamentary interventions

Questions relating to Swiss foreign policy are regularly asked and discussed in Parliament. These parliamentary items (motions, postulates, questions, etc.) have been recorded by the Parliamentary Services since 1995 and can be consulted online via the Curia Vista database. Below is a description of how you can access the main subjects of interest to the FDFA.

Curia Vista – Database of parliamentary proceedings

The Curia Vista database of parliamentary proceedings includes information about all the issues dealt with by the National Council and the Council of States and is complete from the 45th legislative period on, i.e. from the winter session 1995.

Archives (1945– 2010): collections of parliamentary interventions concerning Switzerland's attitude during the Second World War, Switzerland's relations with the Near East and with South Africa

These collections contain texts that have not been published in the Official Bulletin of the Federal Assembly. With the system of double entry (chronological and thematic), the collections have been designed to provide a rapid overview of subjects that attracted Parliament’s and the public’s attention in the post-war years.

Both the chronological list and the thematic index provide access to the complete text: intervention, response by the Federal Council and, if relevant, the follow-up can all be found in the same document (PDF format). These collections are no longer updated. For interventions that occured after 2010, users are requested to refer to information published in Curia Vista (keywords for research: Second World War, South Africa, Near East).

Subsequent versions of these collections have been published or circulated by the Historical Service of the FDFA under the following titles:

  • Switzerland – South Africa 1948–1994 (in collaboration with the Swiss Federal Archives, 2000; ISBN 3-908439-04-3)
  • Switzerland and the Second World War. Collection of parliamentary interventions 1985–2000 (2001)
  • Switzerland – Near East from the post-war years to the 1990s (in collaboration with the Swiss Federal Archives, 2004; ISBN 3-0340-0684-5)

The three thematic archive collections from 1945 to 2010 (Second World War, Middle East, South Africa) are currently no longer available for technical reasons. If you have any questions about these subjects, please contact